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Menrva Realm: Angels
Digital album now available for download!

Menrva Realm's debut album, Angels, is a 60-minute progressive rock journey accented by human drama which reaches deep inside the soul to bring out powerful feelings and create a magical experience. Rock and classical instruments combine with strong and emotion-filled vocals to convey Menrva Realm's artistic vision of expressive harmony. Featuring Rob Evan, Ianu, and other renowned musicians, Angels was released by independent label Ectronia Records on September 3, 2008.

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New studio recording now available on CD & iTunes!

Resurrection features all new arrangements and orchestrations with rock guitarist extraordinaire, Alex Skolnick.

Jekyll & Hyde: Rob Evan
Lucy: Kate Shindle
Emma: Brandi Burkhardt

Arranged, orchestrated, and performed by Jeremy Roberts.

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Rob Evan Demo Sound Clips
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  1. I, Who Have Nothing  (Lieber / Stoller)  3:08
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  2. This Is Who You Are  03:54  (O'Neill / Kinkel)  3:54
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  3. Spinning Wheel * (D. Clayton Thomas)  4:59
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  4. One Less Monkey (Kaset / Patton-Johnston)  3:54
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  5. Surrender  (J. Brielle)  3:36
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  6. She's A Lady * (P. Anka)  3:34
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  7. Measure Of A Man  (Wildhorn / Murphy)  2:46
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  8. Time To Go Home  (B. Feinstein / D. Hansen-Young)  4:27
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  9. This Is The Moment  (Wildhorn / Bricusse)  3:44
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Produced by Kim Scharnberg
Executive Producer: Linda C. Russak
Recorded and Mixed by Ken Freeman
Album Arranged and Conducted by Kim Scharnberg
* Produced, Arranged, and Recorded by Billy Jay Stein
Recorded at: Sear Sound (NYC), Now Hear This (NYC), Strange Cranium (NYC)
Mastered at: Bang Zoom (NY)
Mastering Engineer: Steve Vavagiakis

Jon Werking: Piano, Programming
Billy Jay Stein: Piano, Programming
Jeffrey Mironov: Guitar (solo - This Is Who You Are, Time To Go Home)
Bernd Schoenhart: Guitar (solo - Spinning Wheel, She's A Lady)
David Finck: Bass
Clint Deganon: Drums
Steven Kroon: Percussion
Clifford Carter: B-3 Organ
Dave Mann: Saxophone, Flute (solo - Spinning Wheel, I Surrender)
Bob Millikan: Trumpet
Barry Danielian: Trumpet (solo - Spinning Wheel)
Jim Pugh: Trombone (solo - One Less Monkey)
George Flynn: Bass Trombone
Violin: Barry Finclair, Anne Leathers, Abe Appleman, Robin Bushman, Carol Pool, Karl Kawahara
Cello: Arthur Fiacco
Background Vocals: Capathia Jenkins (One Less Monkey, She's A Lady), Rob Evan (Spinning Wheel), Kim Scharnberg and Ken Freeman (One Less Monkey)

Musicians Contractor: David Finck
Photography by Beth Kelly
Album Design by
Special Thanks to Beate, Johan, Max, and Birk  

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Lost Christmas Eve

Available in-stores now!

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  1. What Is Christmas?  2:51
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  2. Back To A Reason  4:54
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  3. What Child Is This?  05:59
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Jekyll & Hyde: The Concert

Television commercial (0:32) promoting Jekyll & Hyde: The Concert.
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Jekyll & Hyde (title roles)

Jekyll & Hyde: The Concert (title roles)

Photos courtesy Carol Rosegg

Les Miserables (Jean Valjean)

Johnny Guitar The Musical (The Dancin' Kid)

Little Shop of Horrors (Orin Scrivello D.D.S.)

Dance of the Vampires (Count von Krolock / Professor Abronsius)

Tarzan (Kerchak)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Select photos courtesy Mary Glenn


Georgia Magazine - March 2001

Used with permission

Westchester Broadway Theatre Concert - September 18, 2000

Thanks to Gen for photo contributions

China Club - April 25, 1999

Global Pavilion, Goodwill Games; Battery Park, NYC - July 20, 1998


Leukemia Society of America's Shining Star Award - October 4, 1999

Rob and Fans at January '99 Party

Nyack, NY - July 20-23, 2000

Plymouth Theatre (left),  Rob with "Jekyll Doll" gift (center),  Chess Concert BC/EFA Benefit (right)

Early Life

(Rob with his sisters and big brother)

 Thanks to all fans who contributed photos for this section!